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Grand Haven-Opoly

Claim a Game! The Reimagine Fundraising Team has worked with local businesses to create the 1st of its kind - Grand Haven-Opoly! The game will be sold throughout downtown Grand Haven by many local businesses. Grand Haven-Opoly will be in stores by end of year (2017)....

Imagination Station 2.0 Design Revealed to the Grand Haven Community

October 6 2017, Grand Haven, MI – Local volunteers and over 300 Grand Haven community members gathered on Friday night at the Tri-Cities YMCA to view the new play-space design for The Reimagine Project. The new play-space will take the place of the current Imagination...

Grand Haven Community Joins Together Reimagine Imagination Station

Sept 21, 2017, Grand Haven, MI – Local volunteers are setting out to build a play-space for the community. Imagination Station is celebrating its 27th year. It has been well loved and played on by thousands of children throughout our community. Now it’s time to...

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