A community project?

The Reimagine Project offers our community the opportunity to work together and create what our children love – a place to play. It’s Imagination Station 2.0. Just like in 1990, we will be working with Leathers and Associates to build a community play-space. Learn more.

Quick Facts.

Why a community project?

Community-built projects build community. As communities across the country will testify, the benefits of a community-built play-space go well beyond the cost savings. The experience offers a rare opportunity for individuals to collectively give something back to their community, resulting in a beautifully constructed, unique expression of shared pride.

How are children involved in the process?

We believe in the benefits of involving children in the entire process—from design through construction. During Design Days, our design committee will spend three days with children from our community to research, brainstorm, and gather ideas from community leaders, and create play-space designs. As a result to this event, our community children will be presenting the design concept that inspires the final play-space design.

Why a custom design?

With our play-space expert, Leathers and Associates, we believe custom design is the only way to go. Our goal is to create a play-space that is unique to Grand Haven and reflects the flavor of our community. We will work with local artists and craftspeople to create special features within the play-space, and Leathers and Associates’ design team will be sensitive to specific project needs. Whether it’s a high level of visibility or a priority on active play. Many of our communities wants and needs will be evaluated, addressed and incorporated into the final design.


Does our project partner, Leathers and Associates (L&A), meet Safety guidelines and standards?

All of L&A’s designs meet or ex-ceed ASTM International Playground Safety Standards, CPSC Safety Guidelines and ADA. All of their designers and construction consultants are certified play-ground safety inspector. This project will be inspected and certified upon completion by they L&A staff.

How is accessibility being addressed?

We believe in the benefits of all inclusive play. Our play-space partner, L&A, designs projects of varying degrees of accessibility, including fully accessible playgrounds. Providing children of all abilities the opportunity to learn, grow and develop together is important in improving their physical, cognitive, and social skills. We want to provide ALL children the ability to develop and experience sensory-rich play.

What is the estimated timeline?

The timelines for the Reimagine Project began in June 2017 and will take through the fall of 2018 to complete. Our Design Days will be October 4-6 and Construction is earmarked for late September to early October 2018.

What is the long term maintenance?

All play-spaces require maintenance, and as with any play-space, maintaining the safety surfacing is usually the largest and most important undertaking. With the use of recycled plastic building materials, many areas of the play-space will be low maintenance and long lasting. Our play-space partner, Leathers and Associates provides it’s clients with a Long-Term Care Guide, unlimited phone and email support, regular newsletters, web-based support and additional audit/inspections services. The long-term maintenance will be managed by the City of Grand Haven.


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