Prepare for Build Week

The Reimagine Project offers our community the opportunity to work together and create what our children love – a place to play. Join us and prepare as a volunteer for Build Week. Below you will find many details about what to expect as a volunteer.

What to Expect at Build Week:

Thank you for volunteering for Build Week! Build week begins on Tuesday, October 9th – Sunday, October 14th.  Please share this link with any volunteer you registered on their behalf. We look forward to seeing you during your shift(s). To prepare for your volunteer time, please take a moment to read through the following information. If you have any questions after you have reviewed the information, please contact us at We would be happy to hear from you!

Volunteer Check-in

All volunteers should check-in at the Volunteer Check-In tent located directly next to the build site in Mulligan’s Hollow, Grand Haven. If you are volunteering to help with food, you should check into this location as well. As a volunteer, you will receive a Reimagine t-shirt, sign a waiver form, and wear a name tag.

Childcare Check-in

Check-in for daycare varies depending on the day that your child will be attending.

  • Tue, Oct 9th – Frid, Oct 12th: childcare will be provided at the Grand Haven Community Center, in the Woodbine room, from 4:30pm – 8:45pm
  • Sat, Oct 13th: childcare will be provided at the Tri-Cities YMCA from 7:30am – 5:30pm
  • Sun, Oct 14th: childcare will be provided at the Tri-Cities YMCA from 12:30pm – 4:30pm

Volunteer Parking

There are many parking spots within the Mulligan’s Hollow area. But, we anticipate that we will have about 200 volunteers per shift. For this reason, please make sure that you have provided enough time to arrive and park near Mulligan’s Hollow. This may mean that you may need to park on the street and walk a distance. Please be prepared to do so.

What to Wear

Please make sure to wear close-toed shoes. Please wear the appropriate clothing to make your volunteer time as comfortable as possible. October can be warm and sometimes cold. Be prepared!

  • Ear plugs and eye protection will be provided.
  • Please bring your own work gloves to make sure they fit and are comfortable if you wish.
  • Please wear bug spray and sunscreen as needed. We will be providing some at the check-in tent should you forget.

Food Volunteer Instructions

We will be working indoors so dress appropriately and wear shoes and socks.  Hats, aprons and gloves will be provided as we will be following health department guidelines.  We will get food out and ready to go as well as clean up after the crew eats. Please check in at the main volunteer check-in.  If you have more questions, please contact Kelly Larson

Is Volunteering Weather Dependant?

No! Rain or shine, we will be building the Imagination Station in one weeks time. Please wear the appropriate clothing to make your volunteer time as comfortable as possible. October can be warm and sometimes cold. Be prepared!



Can I volunteer for build week if I didn’t register ahead of time?
You certainly can! The more the better. During build week, you can still register for any open spots that are available on the volunteer registration form. The volunteer registration helps us stay organized and prepared for the number of volunteers we need to accomplish the project. If you are not able to do so, you may simply show. Please arrive at Mulligan’s Hollow and check-in at the Volunteer Check-in station. We will welcome you, provide you a Reimagine t-shirt, sign the volunteer waiver, and join the build team.

Can I use my own tools?
You can bring your own tools. If you do, please use duck tape to place your name and phone number on the tools so that they can be returned to you if they are left on site (accidentally) after your volunteer time.

Can my family/group work together?
If you are arriving as a family and have children ages 10 – 13, they will be required to stay with you at all times. You will then be designated to a particular area of the build site in which you and individuals you arrive with will be working. Should your group be large, you will be able to work near each other, but may not be guaranteed to be working on the same portion of the play-space.

Are food and water provided?
Yes! If you arriving for the morning shift, please arrive ready to volunteer. Throughout your shift, you will have access to bottled water and plastic recycling. We will be serving lunch and dinner for our volunteers. Please feel free to stay after or come before your shift to eat with other volunteers in our community.

If you have a specific food allergy, please bring the needed food for your dietary needs. We can not guarantee that foods provided will not have any cross-contamination.

Is there emergency medical staff on location?

Yes. NOCH will be on site all week during all shifts.

Who do I contact for daycare?
Please contact Erin Shibley, Childcare Coordinator at 616-916-0430. You may review the Childcare FAQ’s for additional information.

Is Reimagine a 501c3?  My employer needs proof for me to take the time off.
Yes! The Remagine project is a 501c3 and is managed through The City of Grand Haven. All funds are managed by the Grand Haven Area Foundation.

May I still purchase a picket?
Yes! There are 235 pickets available as of September 25th. We will be providing pickets for sale till these 235 pickets are sold. These pickets will be installed in the spring of 2019.



Hours and Location of Childcare

  • Tue, Oct 9th – Frid, Oct 12th: childcare will be provided at the Grand Haven Community Center, in the Woodbine room, from 4:30pm – 8:45pm
  • Sat, Oct 13th: childcare will be provided at the Tri-Cities YMCA from 7:30am – 5:30pm
  • Sun, Oct 14th: childcare will be provided at the Tri-Cities YMCA from 12:30pm – 4:30pm

Childcare Age
Your child must be pottied trained to be in childcare. Kids 10 – 13 are able to be on-site to help volunteer as long as they are with a guardian. If you would rather have this age range in day-care, you are welcome to.

Registering Your Child for Daycare
You should register your child for daycare when you register to volunteer. If you forgot to do so, please contact Erin Shibley, Childcare Coordinator at 616-916-0430.

Checking In Your Child
When you arrive to drop your child off, you and your child will receive a wristband for identification purposes. You will sign your child in and out. You will be given a card with Imagination Station contact numbers if you wish to get ahold of someone in childcare while you are on site.

Are snacks provided at childcare?
If you do not plan on having your child eat prior to 4pm, please send them with a sack meal. We will be providing plenty of snacks!

My child has food allergies, should I send a separate snack?
If your child has specific food requirements, please bring snacks for your child to meet your child’s needs. We will make sure to prepare and provide the food away from other foods that could be allergenic.



Why a community project?

Community-built projects build community. As communities across the country will testify, the benefits of a community-built play-space go well beyond the cost savings. The experience offers a rare opportunity for individuals to collectively give something back to their community, resulting in a beautifully constructed, unique expression of shared pride.

How are children involved in the process?

We believe in the benefits of involving children in the entire process—from design through construction. During Design Days, our design committee will spend three days with children from our community to research, brainstorm, and gather ideas from community leaders, and create play-space designs. As a result to this event, our community children will be presenting the design concept that inspires the final play-space design.

Why a custom design?

With our play-space expert, Leathers and Associates, we believe custom design is the only way to go. Our goal is to create a play-space that is unique to Grand Haven and reflects the flavor of our community. We will work with local artists and craftspeople to create special features within the play-space, and Leathers and Associates’ design team will be sensitive to specific project needs. Whether it’s a high level of visibility or a priority on active play. Many of our communities wants and needs will be evaluated, addressed and incorporated into the final design.

Does our project partner, Leathers and Associates (L&A), meet Safety guidelines and standards?

All of L&A’s designs meet or ex-ceed ASTM International Playground Safety Standards, CPSC Safety Guidelines and ADA. All of their designers and construction consultants are certified play-ground safety inspector. This project will be inspected and certified upon completion by they L&A staff.

How is accessibility being addressed?

We believe in the benefits of all inclusive play. Our play-space partner, L&A, designs projects of varying degrees of accessibility, including fully accessible playgrounds. Providing children of all abilities the opportunity to learn, grow and develop together is important in improving their physical, cognitive, and social skills. We want to provide ALL children the ability to develop and experience sensory-rich play.

What is the estimated timeline?

The timelines for the Reimagine Project began in June 2017 and will take through the fall of 2018 to complete. Our Design Days will be October 4-6 and Construction is earmarked for late September to early October 2018.

What is the long term maintenance?

All play-spaces require maintenance, and as with any play-space, maintaining the safety surfacing is usually the largest and most important undertaking. With the use of recycled plastic building materials, many areas of the play-space will be low maintenance and long lasting. Our play-space partner, Leathers and Associates provides it’s clients with a Long-Term Care Guide, unlimited phone and email support, regular newsletters, web-based support and additional audit/inspections services. The long-term maintenance will be managed by the City of Grand Haven.

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